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Story of a champion, sorry I'm a champion.........

I like white wine. I love red wine! I hate liars! I'm laid back, but don't cross me. I'm a Capricorn. If that means anything to you, then good. When it comes to drinking alcohol, I'm a lightweight. I think politically. I love sports. I majored in psycholgy. No, I don't walk around trying to analyze people. I love summer. I love the beach. I want to live on a tropical island. I'm Sierra Leonian/Liberian. I've been to mother Africa. I want to go to Brazil. I'm beautiful chocolate. I have a big booty! I used to hate it. Now I love it! I hate to be cold. I hate the rain. I would eat soup everyday if I could. I love music. I used to play the classical flute. I like Thai food. I love to be loved! I love to love! I hate cheaters. I hate to be wrong, but I'll admit to being wrong. I want to be a photographer. I like to be alone, but I don't consider myself a loner. I love to laugh. I love to work hard. I love hip hop. I hate people who kiss ass! I've had my heart broken. Pretty men are my weakness. Fuck what you think! I have more male friends than women friends. I identify with men more. What does that mean? You tell me. What else do you want to know?

this kid gets it.




(watch the full video here)

"What are you?"


"What you gon’ be?"


"What you always do?"


"What you never do?"


"Who you represent?"


"Why is school important?"


"How you treat people?"


"What are we?"


"Who the best?"


full video here

Can we get more parents to instill this into their children. 

Yassss to this!

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